There are more than 20 Papagayo dive sites close to Playas del Coco which are all within a 10 to 20 minute boat ride away, including the most popular ones such as Punta Argentina, Tortuga, Virador and Cabeza de Mono (Monkeys Head). The maximum depths varies from site to site ranging from 30ft (10m) to 100 ft (30m). Most of the Papagayo dive sites accommodate all levels of experience from beginners to advanced divers.

Our Papagayo dive trips consist of two dives, each at a different dive site (3 tank trips can be arranged). For the Papagayo dive sites the boat leaves at 8:00 am and is usually back at around 12:30 pm.

As well we offer beach pickups by boat from the following Resorts: RIU Guanacaste,  Bosque del Mar, Occidental Papagayo, El Mangroove, Casa Conde del Mar, Secrets Papagayo, Andaz Peninsula Papagayo and Four Seasons.

You’ll reach the dive sites with one of our four diveboats, the Lady Blue; (14 divers), Colonia Claudia; (13 divers), Novesia; (9 divers), Marisol; (6 divers). Each boat is equipped with sunroof, marine radio, gps, oxygen kit, first aid kit and a cooler full of drinks and fresh fruits!

Dive boat Lady Blue

Dive boat Colonia Claudia

Dive boat Novesia

Dive boat Marisol

The following is a sampling of our Papagayo dive sites:


divesites golfo de papagayo deep blue diving


papagayo dive sites nudibranch argentina

Punta Argentina – Argentina Point (25-90ft)

Long fingers of rock flow from an offshore island into the deep. Home to frogfish, multitudes of stingrays, and schools of tropical fish so thick that they block out the sun.

Level: intermediate, sometimes current

papagayo dive sites turtle tortuga

Tortuga – Turtle (15-70ft)

A sunken fishing boat lays in 60ft (18m) of water near a shark cave where white-tipped reef sharks are often seen taking their afternoon naps. With rock walls into the sand channels, these rock walls provide hiding niches for many types of life.

Level: easy, sometimes current

papagayo dive sites spotted eagelray virador

Virador – Turn around (30-80ft)

This low lying volcanic island plays host to a myriad of life. With a shark cave at 33ft (10m) and large diamond stingrays and white-tipped reef sharks resting at 70ft (22m) this site has something for everyone. Teeming with huge schools of grunts, snapper, king angelfish, and sergeant majors.

Level: easy, sometimes current

papagayo dive sites cabeza de mono

Cabeza de Mono – Monkeys Head (30-75ft)

This picturesque volcanic rock has been worn away by the ocean waters until it resembles the head of a gorilla. Just a small sand channel away from Virador, this site is often frequented by large schools of eagle rays and stingrays on their oceanic journeys.

Level: easy

papagayo dive sites zebramoray meros

Meros – Groupers (0-60ft)

A beautiful little submerged pinnacle packed full of life. From nudibranchs to prolific schools of grunts to the large giant groupers for which this dive site was named; Meros has a lot to offer. Shallow enough to snorkel and deep enough for a diver to enjoy.

Level: easy

papagayo dive sites devil rays sorpresa

Sorpresa – Surprise (45-110ft)

A deep dive site teeming with fish that form a helix as they wind their way from the ocean floor to the surface. Home to moray eels that measure larger in diameter than a large man´s leg.

Level: advanced, sometimes current

papagayo dive sites whitetipp shark

Tiburones – Shark Point (25-100ft)

Rightly named for the white-tipped reef sharks that are usually found on these submerged rock pinnacles. Numerous stingrays lay in the sand parked like cars at a drive-in.

Level: intermediate, often current

185_120papagayo dive sites 9

Punta Gorda – Fat Point (15-70ft)

Rich in corals on the shallow side of this island and rich in marine life on the deep ocean side. This side features a shark nursery in about 20ft of water.

Level: easy